5  Less Known, Hidden, and Surprising Facts about NordicTrack Elliptical FS14i

1. Virtual Training at its Finest: The FS14i offers immersive virtual training through iFit technology, transporting you to scenic locations worldwide with interactive workouts led by professional trainers.

2. Interactive HD Touchscreen: The elliptical is equipped with a massive 14-inch HD touchscreen display, providing a crystal-clear view of your workout metrics, virtual destinations, and trainer-led sessions.

3. Incline and Decline Capabilities: Unlike traditional ellipticals, the FS14i offers an impressive -10% to 20% incline and decline range, simulating real outdoor terrains and adding variety to your workouts.

4. Interactive Google Street View: Experience the next level of immersion as you exercise. The elliptical syncs with Google Maps, displaying your route on the console with Street View, making every workout exciting and visually engaging.

5. Adjustable Pedals for Optimal Comfort: The FS14i offers adjustable cushioned pedals, accommodating users of all sizes and providing maximum comfort during extended workout sessions.